Language Programs

Designed to help you reach your goals


Learning Made Easy With Flexible Schedules

Whether your goals are to improve your fluency, understand native speakers, or obtain a high score on a test, our programs allow you to customize your studies so that you will succeed. Our skill-based curriculum is created to enhance all language skills and target individual weaknesses.

The specialized course options allow you to reach your specific personal goals. Our English on Demand addition allows you to create a tailored program with the help of our qualified teachers. Also, if your goals change while you study, our programs are flexible and can be changed at any time to accommodate your needs.

Our General English Programs are offered with four different schedules. At each level of study there are elective courses offered to allow you to improve your English in every area effectively and quickly. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses are also offered in a variety of fields for professionals with a goal of improving their Business English.

Whether your goals are to increase your current exam score or continue your studies with one of the Colleges or Universities in our Pathways Programs, Sol Schools offer options for all exam takers. Our goal is not only to prepare you for the specific exam format, but also to increase your overall language ability. By focusing on exam taking skills combined with increasing your language proficiency, you will greatly increase your odds of obtaining a higher exam score.

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