Semi-Intensive Plus



The Semi-Intensive Plus program provides 25 lessons per week (50 minutes per lesson) and includes all of the core classes available in the Semi-Intensive program. In addition, students have the option of choosing an additional elective.


Customize Your Program

We offer a wide selection of electives so that you can customize your program to meet your specific needs and goals.

Which and how many electives can I choose?


Academic Presentation

This class is designed for students who are planning to pursue further studies at a Canadian or US university after their English course. Students will learn the language used in delivering reports and presentations. They will also learn how to describe and present data and how to structure arguments and counter arguments for debates. Elements of effective public speaking skills will also be explored in this class.

Academic Writing

This option is designed for students who are planning to pursue further studies at a Canadian or US university. Academic writing differs from other forms of writing. It is more formal in its sentence structure, its choice of vocabulary and in the structure of the writing itself. Students learn the language used in writing reports and essays. They learn how to describe and present data, how to sequence ideas, structure logical arguments and counter arguments in English. There is also an Introduction to Academic Writing Option Elementary for students with a lower English level.


How do you start a conversation in English? How do you join a conversation in progress? How do you keep a conversation going? It’s normal for non-native speakers of English to be shy when it come to speaking English in public. This class will give students some basic strategies to help them be part of everyday conversations. Learn how to make small talk, how to “break the ice”. Learn how to ask friendly, polite questions, learn how to agree and politely disagree with others. You’ll learn a lot, and your self-confidence with improve at the same time.

Current Events & North American Studies

This elective is for students who are interested in what’s happening in the world, as seen from a North American context. Students will look at and discuss current events, local and international, as they appear across various media – newspapers, magazine, TV news, blogs, etc. They will also look at American society and values, so that they get a better understanding of the culture both in Canada and in the USA. Topics range from sports, to leisure, politics, the economy, crime and the arts. This elective is for students with at least an upper-intermediate level of English.

English Through Music & Songs

This is an option for all students who like music and who want to improve their language by learning the lyrics to popular and traditional songs, studying the vocabulary, the slang, and the grammar used, using their listening skills to hear what’s being sung about, and then doing some singing of their own! A great way to have fun, practice your rhythm, and sing together in English. Often the teacher is also an amateur musician with a real love of music. Expect to enjoy yourself.

English For Job Seekers

If you’re looking for work in an English-speaking culture, you’ll need some basic skills. You’ll need to know how to write a correct resume. You’ll need some good job interview techniques and tips. You’ll need to understand basic business etiquette in Canada or the U.S.A. You’ll need to know what level of language to use. What are employers looking for? How can you improve your profile and chances of getting the job? You learn this, and a lot more in this practical elective.

The Grammar Doctor

Some students love it, others hate it, but whatever your affair with grammar is, we all know it’s necessary. Students who choose this option will have a chance to bring their grammar problems and questions to one of our Grammar Experts – a teacher who will make grammar simple and friendly. Students look at tenses, moods, articles, phrasal verbs and prepositions, singular and plurals, syntax and much more. Teachers are chosen for their expertise and, believe it or not, their love of English grammar!


Depending on your native language, you may have specific difficulties with certain aspects of English pronunciation. In Accent Reduction, the instructor will focus on the specific pronunciation needs of language speakers from different groups, for example Japanese, Korean, or French speakers. Students learn the phonetic alphabet, practice stress, rhythm and tone patterns, with a focus on language used in common, everyday situations.

Slang & Idioms

“It’s raining cats and dogs!” In every language, there are big differences between the formal and familiar registers. Native speakers in familiar, informal situations use expressions and language that do not usually appear in your text books. You’ll hear them in music, on TV, in movies and on the street. Students who choose this option will have fun learning some of the more colorful English expressions, words and idioms used among friends when formality isn’t so important.

Vocabulary Development

How many times do students feel that they don’t have enough specific vocabulary to communicate effectively in English? This option is designed to look at word families that are particularly relevant to every-day situations and topics. Some of the popular topics are the language of food, drink, cooking and eating out; the family tree; the language of love; jobs, professions, pastimes and hobbies; and numbers and figures in everyday conversation. Students learn new words in context, and have fun practicing them in teacher managed conversations and pair work classroom situations.

English for Aviation

The Aviation English program is based on the belief that both broad and job specific proficiency in English is essential to the students’ success in both their social and professional lives. The curriculum is designed to provide aviation professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve these goals. Its aim is to help aviation professionals become successful language learners who can:

  • Use English to communicate effectively in a range of job specific situations
  • Develop an accent that is comprehensible among aviation professionals
  • Identify how cultural differences may impede communication and how to effectively overcome such communication challenges

The Aviation English curriculum expectations are based on the ICAO language proficiency scale, enabling students to achieve their professional objectives. This course is designed for aviation professionals or for students pursuing a post-secondary education in an aviation related field.

English for Air Traffic Control

The English for Air Traffic Control ESP option is a combination of the Aviation English program and an extension of topics specific to Air Traffic Control professionals. This program focuses further on reducing the speaker’s accent and providing additional training in the ability to understand an array of English accents from both native and non-native speakers. Teachers use an array of authentic audio resources to maximize the students’ exposure to field scenarios. By combining the use of Air Traffic Control case studies and language learning, our syllabus ensures that students will develop the necessary language skills in an engaging context. This course is designed for Air Traffic Controllers or for students pursuing a post-secondary education in Air Traffic Control.

English for Oil & Gas

In the global sector of Oil & Gas, English has become the international language of communication. Our English for Oil & Gas program enables students to communicate more effectively in situations that are specific to this industry. Our teachers use a combination of content specific course book exercises as well as authentic material to deliver dynamic lessons that focus on technical vocabulary and communication. Emphasis is placed on pronunciation, writing and delivering effective presentations. This course is designed for Oil & Gas industry professionals or students pursuing a post-secondary education in a related field.

English On Demand

At Sol Schools International, we realize that each student is unique and has individual needs and goals. Our English on Demand addition allows you to focus on your personal needs, at your own pace with the assistance of a qualified instructor and web-based English practice. You will create your own English program with your instructor and will focus on the language skills and topics of your choice. Enhance your English by learning what you need, the way you want to learn.

Schedule (25 lessons/week)

PeriodStart TimeFinish TimeCourse Description
A9:009:50Grammar & Idioms
B10:0010:50Listening & Speaking
C11:0011:50Reading & Vocabulary
D12:3013:20Writing & Presentation

Weekly Tuition Fees

DurationCalgaryToronto & VancouverMiami Beach (USD)
1-3 wks$320$345$365
4-11 wks$280$300$325
12-23 wks$270$290$315
24-35 wks$265$285$310
36+ wks$260$280$305

*All courses and prices are subject to change without notice. All prices for Canadian destinations are in Canadian Dollars. All prices for American destinations are in U.S. Dollars.

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