Student Life at Sol Schools International

There is really no typical student. Every student is unique in what they represent. However, to give you a better idea of what your life will be like in Toronto, Calgary and Miami Beach, we have prepared an outline of the more important things you will encounter when studying at Sol Schools International.

Sol Schools International students come from all around the world. To date, students from more than 60 countries have attended our programs, and each one has brought with them their own unique experiences and adventures.

Typical Sol Schools International students are in their 20s, have university or college degrees, and various abilities of using the English language. Not all students require a student visa for studying at Sol Schools International. Many students only have a visitor's visa.

Normally, Sol Schools International students spend their after class hours participating in school activities, meeting up with new friends, studying at school and going out to the many attractions Toronto, Calgary and Miami Beach has to offer.


Learning doesn't stop once you step outside the classrooms. Activities and excursions are a great way to learn about our culture, make new friends and practice your English. As Sol Schools International students, you will have the opportunity to experience many different activities, excursions and events each week.

For most students, traveling to Canada or the USA means more than just studying English. The trip, for many students, is the most memorable trip they will make in their lifetime. For this reason, we try to encourage every student to participate in as many school activities as possible. Be prepared to open your mind to the many new experiences and adventures you will have.

Our Activity Coordinators are dedicated to making sure your stay is enjoyable, fun and exciting. During the week, activities are arranged after classes and in the evenings. You can also purchase tickets for day trips to experience other cities or major attractions.

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